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We create exclusive presentations in the form of 360 ° virtual tours

We search for individual tailor-made solutions for everyone, so that the presentation addresses a wide range of clients.

At AS Panorama, we have exceptional technology that we use to create unique 360 ° virtual tours. Due to the possibility of using our special 3D camera, images are taken from spaces and objects at an extremely high level. The output of this camera is an interactive virtual 3D tour suitable for placement on your company’s website. Similarly to virtual reality, this allows the customer to walk freely through the area, as if physically in the place. The advantage of this latest technology is especially the spatial visualisation of multi-storey buildings, by creating a spatial view so that the customer observes the entire building in perspective with a view of the individual floors. This provides a comprehensive impression. The space is captured by a camera, not modelled. Due to this, all parts of the building and the area are visible, including details of objects. Labels, videos, documents or points of interest about the place, such as exhibitions or displays, can also be included in the virtual tour.

The form of the tour is focused on a wide range of uses. Often clients have no idea how effectively this tool may be used to their advantage.
AS Panorama works out a solution to delight you and your clients.

When creating each presentation, we pay attention to an individual approach, time flexibility and professional implementation

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